10 thoughts on “Shift Knob for Volvo VNL

  1. This is stoopid ideal from over at ETS2 in those Volvo….if you use this, you can’t use the grill defectors, ###…..why don’t one of brainy people fix this mod so you can use both…..smdh

    1. mehrab rjl 8000

      this is a beta version dude
      i fix grill defectors and add this knob for more truck
      just wait for second version

  2. alimemail

    Even maybe unfinished, but generally cool. Good job.

    1. mehrab rjl 8000

      thanks buddy
      i complete the mod in second version

  3. None of dwibs will come say any of that BS to my face so I’m not worried bout none of you nut riders, this is NO BETA it’s the same mod from over in ETS2…..stoopid as hell to be in slot with the grills….it should be in the in cab options but you nut riders know everything…..always wanna call me names, really wish one of assholes would come see me face to face and try it…..smdh

  4. When I read Uncle_D’s overly entitled posts I can’t help but picture some 600 lb dude spilling over the sides of his chair, while he chokes down another Hot Pocket and yells about how this imperfect shift knob made him soil his sweat pants again.

    Uncle_D, before you fly off the handle and butcher the English language further, please know that you’re not tough sir. Nor are you a pillar of this community. I’ve seen the mods that you’ve managed to cobble together and they aren’t anymore impressive than this mod. So you should really check your misplaced and exaggerated sense of self importance at the door.

  5. Jay… Thumb up!

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