SGate Weather Mod v0.1


SGate Weather Mod For ATS v0.1
Slightly reworked the original weather.

-Changed Lighting. Less orange, lighten shadows and so on.
-Changed DOF. increased distance blurring.
-Changed Sun. Improved the color rays are reduced.
-Changed HDR. Off Dynamic stability lighting.
Turn off two Bloom. By night.
-Removed Toning.
-Added The effects of rain on the windows.

Test Version 1.0.0



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6 thoughts on “SGate Weather Mod v0.1

  1. Dafaq-man

    It’s a great mod overall but you should add back the water that tires kick off when it rains and when the road is wet.

    Thnx for the mod

  2. Thats what I waiting! The legendary SGate weather mod. Good work again! Thank you!

  3. thank you. distance blurring good now.

  4. Trucker_bob

    seems very nice!

  5. Comolokko

    this guy awesome !! thank you

  6. great mod

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