Scania RJL T 1.8 – ATS Port by Solutech

Scania-RJL-T-1.8-2 Scania-RJL-T-1.8-1 Scania-RJL-T-1.8-3

This is a direct port of RJL’s T Cab Scania 1.8 for ATS

It is 100% error free and complete. The file has increased in size which is unavoidable due to having to port in ets2 assets to enable the mod to work. DO NOT use this mod in Ets2 it is for ATS only. Both T & R are located in Kenworth Dealers


Naturally the mod works out of the box with both of my Remoled and Necromancy packs. It is also compatible with Kreichbaums V8 Scania pack if you like your T with a bit more growl to it.

On LHD trucks the speedo is calibrated on KMH if you use MPH dont think the speedo is wrong it isnt lol (yeah took me a while too lol)

Most Accessories shown in the screenies are from ReMoled and Necromancy packs both available ONLY on the ets2 forums they get updated a lot so I don’t want those appearing on sharing sites at all

This is RJL’s Mod and is released to ATS with his permission and as such NO REQUESTS. This is not my mod. When RJL wants to update he will and you can ask him.

And yes its a Euro rig and I really don’t care if you think it shouldn’t be in ATS. The answer is simple don’t download it. I love this truck as do many others and I wanted it in ATS so I ported it.

To all the people who do love the T have at it and happy trucking.

Authors: RJL,Fordsonmies, Ported by Solutech for ATS


12 thoughts on “Scania RJL T 1.8 – ATS Port by Solutech

  1. They talked ALL dat shizt about how much they hated U.S. truck mods in Euro Truck Simulator 2 but couldn’t wait to stick ah Scania on our U.S. roads!
    ‪#‎ImJustSaying‬ ‪#SMDH

    1. Dont download it then ….. The nearly 900 downloads in a day sort of says people wanted it .

  2. RedSunrise

    “also compatible with Kreichbaums V8 Scania pack” , can i just download the v8 sound and it works with ATS straight away?

  3. Yes it works fine I didnt need to touch it it just worked . Make sure its 8.5 for 1.22 ;)

    1. can you had a TV mount to the freightliner classic XL and i need a link for the vnl 670 that come with a TV mount in it

  4. Это просто дебилизм, Админы не пропускайте такое умоляю

  5. Gamer_Kate

    I love the mods you’ve made! Perfect for trucking in the USA with a Scania T. Love to just blow past all the American trucks, haha.
    I’m used to more power than the American trucks can offer and the Scania V8 just blows the competition out of the water. But the US trucks are very comfortable to drive. They just don’t have that power I’m looking for.
    You need two American trucks for the same haul a Scania V8 can pull :P
    I think someone is jealous, ohh well. Both kind of trucks have their advantages and drawbacks.

  6. Gaz Wilmbroke

    This thing was my baby back in ETS2, I’m glad to have her back in ATS.

    Minor issue: There’s a missing texture on my end if I try to use the Ranger or Elegance light strips for the right/left exhaust, the light strips for either side of the cabin, or the custom spoiler LED option. Screenshot:

  7. Can you upate the mod please everytime when i start the game and this truck is choosen the game crashes

    1. Additional information; No other mods in the game and every crash is when i cose one of the 10x… chassis

  8. I need that skin!! please!!

  9. Does this work in the newest version

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