San Diego Improvement Project


San Diego Improvement Project

Current version: 1.0
Compatible Game version: ATS 1.5.0

It adds Interstate-8 and I-8, I-5 Intersection to San Diego. Also south of San Diego has been improved. This map mod is NOT compatible with any Mexico map mods.

More pictures:

elitegamer0611, SCS


6 thoughts on “San Diego Improvement Project

  1. elitegamer0611

    You can access to project topic in here:

  2. I always thought it was odd that I-8 never connected to I-5. Looks like you made a perfect connection. Awsome.

    1. elitegamer0611

      Ashketchum thank you sir. I hope you enjoy it.

      1. I gave it a whirl and it worked like a charm. Thank You.

  3. Andre Burton

    Very nice edition thank you!!!!

    1. elitegamer0611

      You welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

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