9 thoughts on “Rusty Trailer

  1. unrealistic A rusty trailer that is shiny ?????????????
    make it mat color.

  2. Stop making ###### skins famous

  3. wont see me driving that stuff

  4. dont like dont look lol granted its different yes the rest of the shiney parts will be also rusty as soon as i have more time to waste making free stuff!!

    1. Петух

  5. oke the idea is good.
    in real life are also rusty trailers .

  6. Обосрали что-ли.. Чо за шлак

  7. I been a Owner Operator OTR driver for 36 years and have never seen anything this rusty being pulled down the road.

    1. its a GAME me dont like it dont look some people may like it as a change and some such as yourself wont scroll on past at the end of the day i dont make things to please every one this is all free!! want to see top quality PAY for it!!

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