Route Alaska v1.3

Mod adds delivery routes Valdez City, Richardson Highway, Ski Center,Tonsina Alaska. v1.41-1.42. Changes in 1.3 the map has been moved to another sector to the north, new loading locations have been added, bugs have been fixed for the previous version. Enjoy your trip to Alaska. Install a high priority def file to work with other mods. For the mod to work, you need all the dlc maps. Fixes, departure near the city of medford.The link contains two files, for two versions, include the current version in the modification



6 thoughts on “Route Alaska v1.3

  1. Hello! Work for v1.39 update?

    1. legolas221

      We are now in V1.42, not v1.39 anymore

      1. Ok! Thanks for your commentary.

  2. adam mead

    should you be able to see the places on the job screen i can only see the places if i go onto world map the only other map mod im using is pro mods canada

  3. Love the scenery..I would like to make a suggestion….you need to widen the entry and exit gates at the ferry crossings in Port Angeles and Valdez to accommodate Special Transport Cargo. I picked up a Massive Tech Part in Valdez to deliver to Port Angeles and I could not get through the gate to the ferry in Valdez…I tried several times and finally had to go back to a previous save and start a new delivery. Looking forward to additional cities. Love the water fall effects.

  4. Никита

    Hey guys, can you add the Alaska license plates somehow?

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