Reefer trailer sound addon 1.0.5

What’s new: Same as previous version but description updated to include 1.44.

Synopsis: Hear the seamless white noise of a reefer trailer!

This mod adds the definition files to activate the Sound Fixes Pack reefer sounds for reefer trailers by SCS Software.

There are some trade-offs due to reefer sounds not being a standard feature in the game yet.
Nevertheless, a lot of limitations have been overcome to allow more freedom and less hassles.

Further details found in the mod description in the Mod Manager.

Drive Safely



2 thoughts on “Reefer trailer sound addon 1.0.5

  1. Why not Flatbed Sounds and Lowboy Sounds too. That would be really great. (Chains tightening…etc )

    1. Drive Safely

      Interesting idea, I’ll think about it

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