Realistic Roads v 1.0

This mod replaces textures for the roads around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! Most of the road textures are new and are made based on the real world pictures.

FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken while using FRKN64’s Reaslitic Graphics Mod with Darker Graphics Add-on, brightness set on 40% and Color Correction turned off. Alongside with my other mods: Enhanced Vegetation, that I’m currently working on, which is going to be released later, and New Mountain textures.

In version 1.0:
– New, reworked textures for all roads in the game, with different kinds of asphalt
– Dark gray asphalt (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened)
– Dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened
– Gray, worn, good quality pavement (new texture)
– Semi-worn gray asphalt (new texture)
– Light gray, high quality pavement (new texture)
– Light gray pavement with minor lengthwise cracks (new texture)
– Light gray pavement with a lot of patched cracks (new textrure)
– Two kinds of bright tile concrete pavement for highways (completely reworked default textures)
– Concrete pavement for narrow roads (reworked default texture)
– Road lines are sharpened and saturated
– Some other minor road texture corrections

Works with map mods. Tested on ATS v1.6 and 1.28 beta



5 thoughts on “Realistic Roads v 1.0

  1. many errors and red lines in 1.6

    1. slavsan93

      All clean in my Sim. Make sure other mods don’t cause any red lines.

  2. works great on my system. Love your textures. Use the mountain ones too.

  3. Thanks slavsan93, your textural mods is beautiful, but maybe you can not just improve the look of the surface, but make some area with really bad asphalt? I remember once for a long time ago in the first ETS there was a map with small bumps on the road, maybe here you can make small holes? This greatly affects the feelings from driving

  4. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing mod:

    Multumesc Sandu pentru munca ta!

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