Realistic Billboards

Realistic-Billboards-1 Realistic-Billboards-2 Realistic-Billboards-3

This mod changes the billboards from American Truck Simulator to realistic ones.

– If you have more than on mod about billboards it may cause conflict;
– Put the .scs file in the mod folder;
– Some textures are from other mods but all the others were made by me.

Author: Pedro Martins


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4 thoughts on “Realistic Billboards

  1. Great job, but at least, it should be included in the credits who have done other work

  2. BSDave1978

    [mods] Mod ‘ATS_Realistic_Billboards’ icon has invalid dimensions. (Required size 276x162px. Image dimensions: 2980x1536px).

    1. That is an easy fix, just open that image in your photo editing program and resize it to 276 x 162 but make sure its in puxels

  3. ShuqGrind

    Yes,joshkerr,I agree with you. Why this fella doesn’t bother to do another different billboard of his own with another ads? There’s a thousands of billboard ads over in US,so at least he could have make an effort of it instead of copying your mod.

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