Realistic and Hard Economy v1.0.3

+Fuel prices have been adjusted for all states

General Features
+ No changes have been made to XP Earnings
+ The general economy has been revised.
+ Police penalties were revised according to the new economic system.
+ As the driver level increases, the earning amounts and rates have been revised according to the skill unlocked.
+ Income/expense and economic systems of drivers hired to the company have been revised.
+ The banking system has been completely revised and new options have been added.
+ Fuel prices were revised closer to reality and in line with the structured economy.
+ All ferry and train fares have been revised.

+ Tested in Version 1.49x
+ Compatible with all map DLCs (not tested with map mods)



3 thoughts on “Realistic and Hard Economy v1.0.3

  1. Daniel Duperre

    Hi sorry it is not realisti economy please look on workshop GDC Logistics him based on thrut economy

  2. Admins, please upload GDC Logistics Economy mod for ATS to or modsfire.

  3. With this mod installed on a new career, the bank didn’t open up even after I received the e-mail. I want the brutal economy of this mod, but without loans it seems it would be virtually impossible to get anywhere in this game. I don’t think most people want to take 500 quick jobs before they can buy their first used truck.

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