Real World Signs & Logos v1.7

This mod changes textures in the game’s scenery and traffic to depictions of real-life signs and company logos. I tried to match the appearance of the real-life signage when possible while also fitting seamlessly into the game.

Version 1.7:
– Should have fixed a possible error with Kolico files
– Fixed night texture for the Dallas Hilton-Antole

Generic Buildings
Rainbow Basket – Kroger
Replaced Oklahoma welcome sign with real life version.
Soda Vending machines
Trucker Cola – Coca-Cola
SuperJuice – Fanta
Crystalina – Dasani
Cold Drinks has changed from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to provide variety.
Shipping containers

Wallbert – Hamburg Sud/”K” Line
Sell Goods – China Shipping
Chems – Hapag-Llyod/Yang Ming

OWL RS 42 – Hyster RS 46-33
Double Stack Intermodal rail car
Bushnell – HUB Group
Sell Goods – JB Hunt Intermodal
Sunshine – CSX Intermodal
Charged – Maersk
Chemso and Wallbert have had the logos removed.

Horns Hotel – Antlers Hotel (Colorado Springs)
Clarity Hotel – Clarion Hotel (Denver)
Field Stadium – Empower Field Stadium at Mile High (Denver)
Managed to put some real life logos around the unchangeable Field Stadium sign.
Replaced Children’s Museum bird logo (Denver)
Turtleneck Studios – Turntable Studios (Denver)

New Mexico
Replaced Clayton welcome sign with real life version (Clayton)
Des Moines Lady Dumas – Des Moines Lady Demons (Des Moines)
Joshua’s – Joseph’s (Santa Rosa)
Also changed Fat Man head.

Updated state logos at Oklahoma Welcome Center (I-40)

Fish Shop – Bass Pro Shop (Dallas)
Fishing Boats – Tracker Boats
North Central Plaza signage (Dallas)
Added logo to leasing banner
Solomon Oil Intl. – Zion Oil & Gas
Bank Regional – Cadence Bank
L&R Electronics – swagit
North Living – Camden Homes
Replaced Plaza sign with street number on Park Plaza Tower (Dallas)
Texas Fort Hospital – Texas Health Presbyterian (Denton)
Replaced Gainesville logo on water tower with real one (Gainesville)
Replaced Victoria logo on water tower with real one (Victoria)
Health Group – United Regional (Witchita Falls)

Added Chase Bank logo to building (Salt Lake City)
Aquarium – Loveland Living Planet Aquarium (Salt Lake City)
Bank – Zions Bank (Salt Lake City)
Cyprus Building (Salt Lake City)
Dental Clinic logo on building – Cyprus Family Dental
Dental Clinic logo on totem – Cyprus Credit Union
HOTEL – Marriott (Salt Lake City)
Hotel – Hilton (Salt Lake City)
iBank – Key Bank (Salt Lake City)
SU Bank – US Bank (Salt Lake City)

Replaced logo with logo for Hotel Murano (Tacoma)



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