Real Mirror F.O.V. [Fixed]

Realistic mirror field of view mod made by a real trucker. Made this mod because I wanted to find a good mirror mod and some were not working, some were working, but not correctly, so I made my own one ;) If you post this mod in other sites, please keep original credit, thank you ;)

AAA The Trucker


8 thoughts on “Real Mirror F.O.V. [Fixed]

  1. Doesnt work for me. Save cant be loaded with this .scs-file.

  2. I’m a real trucker too and this is a great ideal but this mod does not work well with other mods, won’t even let me load my sim so had to remove it.

  3. The problem is the def-file which seems to be created with the Promods-Editor. In ETS 2 the mod works fine since the data in the gamedata.sii is for ETS2 but not for ATS.

    1. The problem is not even that. Firstly, the game_data file is taken from ETS2, secondly it is from a very old version of the game, I think v1.3-v1.4 so the mod in any case will not work on 1.6-1.28

  4. AAA the trucker

    Im so sorry guys, im new to making mods, and i created something, it works for me and my friend fine. We both have a ton of mods, so idk…

    1. Do not worry everything is okay, thanks for trying to make a useful mod for us, but before upload it, you should have check it on the latest version of ATS. In any case, I looked at the changes that you made, everything is very easy to fix. You need to take the game_data file from ATS and make changes to mirror_fov as you did in the previous version, after that everything should work

  5. how can I make my own?

  6. transjose

    amigo ami no me sirve ese mod ponga otro amigo

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