Real Engine Sounds for SCS Volvo VNL V2

Version 1.0:
1.27 – 1.36 ats game version

-Hi guys this mod change standart scs volvo vnl truck engine sounds
with real sounds.

Volvo vnl:
-Cummins X15 engine sounds added for vanilla cummıns engines.
-Volvo D13G engine sound added for vanilla volvo engines.(not eu volvo)
-All engine prices are optimized.
-You can try in company truck quıck jobs.
-New retarder sound added.

Version 2.0:
-New volvo D16G engine sounds added for 16 liter engines so ıts different from 13liter engine sounds.

-You can share your test videos for communıty.



2 thoughts on “Real Engine Sounds for SCS Volvo VNL V2

  1. Hi,+there+seems+to+be+a+bug+(?)+in+this+mod+-+there+is+no+sound+of+horn,+and+turn+indicator.+I+noticed+it+in+Volvo+VNL780,+engine+D16+600.+Otherwise+great+sounds,+thanks+:)

  2. Hi, there seems to be a bug (?) in this mod – there is no sound of horn, and turn indicator. I noticed it in Volvo VNL780, engine D16 600. Otherwise great sounds, thanks :)

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