Real Diesel Prices Week 6


Works with or without Coast to Coast 2.3.5
Note give higher priority then C2C to work.

Version for Week 6
Gas prices adjustments (real prices from February 5, 2018)
•$2.72/Gal – Alabama
•$2.72/Gal – Arizona
•$2.70/Gal – Arkansas
•$3.60/Gal – California
•$2.76/Gal – Colorado
•$3.08/Gal – Connecticut
•$2.91/Gal – Delaware
•$2.85/Gal – Florida
•$2.85/Gal – Georgia
•$2.92/Gal – Idaho
•$2.83/Gal – Illinois
•$3.03/Gal – Indiana
•$2.91/Gal – Iowa
•$2.81/Gal – Kansas
•$2.81/Gal – Kentucky
•$2.67/Gal – Louisiana
•$3.14/Gal – Maine
•$2.95/Gal – Maryland
•$2.95/Gal – Massachusetts
•$3.04/Gal – Michigan
•$2.90/Gal – Minnesota
•$2.64/Gal – Mississippi
•$2.70/Gal – Missouri
•$2.89/Gal – Montana
•$2.85/Gal – Nebraska
•$2.97/Gal – Nevada
•$2.97/Gal – New Hampshire
•$3.03/Gal – New Jersey
•$2.85/Gal – New Mexico
•$3.13/Gal – New York
•$2.83/Gal – North Carolina
•$2.96/Gal – North Dakota
•$2.91/Gal – Ohio
•$2.65/Gal – Oklahoma
•$3.01/Gal – Oregon
•$3.39/Gal – Pennsylvania
•$2.97/Gal – Rhode Island
•$2.71/Gal – South Carolina
•$2.94/Gal – South Dakota
•$2.72/Gal – Tennessee
•$2.67/Gal – Texas
•$2.79/Gal – Utah
•$3.14/Gal – Vermont
•$2.77/Gal – Virginia
•$3.11/Gal – Washington
•$2.98/Gal – West Virginia
•$2.93/Gal – Wisconsin
•$2.94/Gal – Wyoming

NOTE works with my currency pack.


All right reserved to ryanclark1995. Please do not reupload this mod.



4 thoughts on “Real Diesel Prices Week 6

  1. This mod it very stuped! Do not put it more here!

    1. What you hate other people may like and if you don’t like the mod then simply don’t use it. Some people like to use such mods for more realism.

  2. It would be nice if the five or so different versions of this mod weren’t updated with one little tweak every single day. The constant reposting drowns out other mods.

    And if you want a genuinely realistic trailer skin mod, there’s better ones than this.

    1. I don’t update it every day haha just weekly…I thought that was the point of having it feel like real gas prices is to actually update the mod.

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