Real Brands for Heavy Equipment

Real-Brands-for-Heavy-Equipment-1 Real-Brands-for-Heavy-Equipment-2 Real-Brands-for-Heavy-Equipment-3

Add real brands for heavy equipment, construction and farming (trailers and AI)

Please, don’t change download link, no reupload, and remember respect credits


Author: Joshkerr


8 thoughts on “Real Brands for Heavy Equipment

  1. Mr_Catweazle

    All your real logo/brand packs look great. Why don’t you make 1 big mod pack instead of several small ones? And update it.

    1. Thanks mate :)

      I make small packages, because I think that maybe not everyone wants to use some things. Some might use gas stations and who does not, or people who install the heavy equipment or not … you know.

      But if I think to make a big pack and update it. Thanks for idea ;)

      1. I’d really appreciate these things in a single pack aswell. Makes things easier to keep track of in the mod manager and such. Great work so far, though!

    2. Q-Ball3577

      If you download ETS2Studio there is a function in there to merge mods. That is what I do with these types of mods. MUCH easier to keep track of the original modders don’t do this… and the merged mods are easy to update if the mod gets updated.. just drag and drop folders and as long as the file structure and file names haven’t changed it will just over-write those files. I keep everything I download on a separate drive in stock condition just in case.

  2. Mr_Catweazle

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Mr_Catweazle

    One more idea. You should also post on the SCS mods forum ( ) So more people can enjoy your work.

  4. Thank for your work.
    I also think you should join everything in a single package

  5. Scottish Trucker

    This looks really cool, what other real name mods do you have?
    I have your Gas Station one I think, but looking for company names and logos, getting bored of Wallberts lol.
    I’m going to give this one a try, if it’s anything like the gas station one then I’m sure there won’t be any problems with it.

    Keep up the good work man.

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