Proper Traffic Variety (1.39, 2/4/21)

ATS’s traffic variety is well and all, but could it be more accurate? This mod makes a minor change, but it certainly makes the game more accurate.

I’ve sifted through thousands of Craigslist ads for each vehicle’s year, make, model, and, when applicable, trim, counted every individual vehicle, and factored it into each vehicle’s spawn ratio. For vehicles belonging to a specific department or company, I’ve taken a sample for each state, and factored what vehicles are present in that sample into each vehicle’s spawn ratio.

Features include:
-Vastly decreased semi spawn.
-Vastly decreased police spawn.
-Vastly decreased bus spawn.
-Vehicles not sold in the United States no longer spawn.
-Vehicles unrealistic fleet vehicles no longer spawn (some fire trucks, 2012 CHP Charger, etc.).
-Outdated fleet vehicles no longer spawn (MCI MC-12, NHP Crown Victoria, etc.).
-As previously stated, every spawn ratio is grounded in empirical data, at least somewhat accurately portraying the car culture of each state. For example, California has a greater preponderance of electric vehicles, while other states have an increased number of pickups.

-Utah suffers from a great lack of variety. Simply put, there’s a lack of data for car sales in Utah, and I’ve yet to find a way to combat this without compromising the integrity of the current method. I’ve had to work with what I have.
-Some states suffer from a preponderance of certain vehicles, such as the Isuzu NPR. I still haven’t found a way to combat this without compromising the integrity of the current method.

Other notes:
-Compatible with all map mods, traffic packs, and DLCs, however, map mod traffic isn’t effected.
-Since traffic pack’s aren’t optimized for this mod, and it may cause issues with traffic spawning. This is especially true for Utah, where spawn ratios have been greatly altered (normal spawn ratios hover around 0.5-1.00, but I’ve had to multiply this by 1,000 for each vehicle) to combat measures hard-coded into the game.

Resolving incompatibilities:
-Place beneath Brutal Traffic (maintains in-class traffic variety while allowing Brutal Traffic’s density).
-Place beneath ATS Traffic Behaviour (maintains in-class variety while allowing Traffic Behaviour’s density).
-Place beneath Meatballs Traffic Density Mod (maintains in-class variety while allowing Traffic Density Mod’s density).
-Place above Realistic traffic (allows the spawn of modded traffic vehicles while overriding his edits to spawns).

Craigslist: Sales data
Google Maps: Fleet data

Feel free to edit, redistribute, claim it as your own, I really don’t care, no credit to me required.

Please let me know of any bugs, suggestions, criticism, constructive, or otherwise. You’re likely to get a faster response through Discord (you can join through this code: Bc4VMxaCNe), but once received, all contacts will be treated equally.

Know what company the “Central Lines” bus livery is based on? What about the US Beverages and Bottling livery? That is, if they’re based on anything at all. If you do know, contact me through Discord, I’ll add your contribution to the mod, with credit.



8 thoughts on “Proper Traffic Variety (1.39, 2/4/21)

  1. interesting idea and it’s probably the first time I see a mod looking to fulfill a realistic spawn ratio of cars and trucks with so exact numbers. if I am allowed for a few constructive comments:
    1. you should not mixt this mod with the density which will make any traffic mod either incompatible either set for a different load order. for example my traffic mod (Real Traffic Density) will need to be on top otherwise game will crash and 70 k people subscribed to my mod will be sent to you for a fix :)) besides some people do not want increased density and will be disturbed to have increased traffic without knowing (solution then remove the spawn file and keep only the countries files)
    2. the number you use will make impossible the use of traffic packs which will have spawn ratio by default 1 (and jazzycat has many cars) solution can be to keep spawn_ratio 1 for the average vehicles and use higher numbers for the most common and lower numbers for the rare ones.
    3. trucks ratio do not mix with cars ratio, this is set in the traffic density rules. therefore you are safe to use large numbers (same 1 as average ratio and higher/lower for the rest) at this stage with 0.01 ratio, jazzycat trucks will be the only one spawning if the mod is used.
    last but not least, please note that SCS has important issues with their random spawn formulas, therefore Ai with much higher spawn numbers tend to spawn in block and those with very low spawn may never spawn even if you play for 2 hours and in theory you should see them too.
    good luck and regards!

    1. Anonymous

      So it’s not compatible with your mods?

      1. It should be compatible if you give his mod priority, at least, as far as I’m aware. You’ll keep his traffic density, while maintaining this mod’s in class variety.

        1. Anonymous

          I’m seeing excess amount of U-Haul trucks (in Utah?) after placing your mod right below Cip’s RTD
          Could it be other traffic mods that’s causing this?

    2. I apologize for the late reply, I had some account issues.

      I’ve been advising numerous people on load order for your mod, as well as other density mods. They seem satisfied. While I personally wouldn’t use this mod with a density mod, if they’re happy with it, more power to them.

      As far as the ratios go, that’s a bit difficult as each traffic pack uses a different system. I’ve advised people that, while this mod may function with traffic packs, the difference in spawn ratios may cause problems. I’ve used “0.01” to signify a single vehicle, while I could up that number, you’d quickly end up with spawn ratios in the hundreds.

      As far as the truck ratios go, I didn’t think of that. When I update the mod next, I’ll be sure to fix that, and I’ll add you to the credits.

      I’ve noticed that spawning issue. In some ways, I kind of like it, classic cars feel like a truly rare and special experience, but seeing a Buick Verano for the 500th time is a bit grading.

      While it’s my job, as a mod author, to adapt to bugs in the game like this, avoiding them quickly turns into a mess. I’ve had to up all of Utah’s spawn ratios to “1,000.00,” because if I didn’t traffic was 90% Isuzu NPRs and Ford Tranists, I don’t even know how that happens.

      Anyways, thank you for the advice and encouragement, I hope to update the mod further from here.

      1. thanks for your reply! you will see that if you keep exclusively files for country spawn, there will be absolutely no more incompatibility issues with any other mods including traffic mods. country files has also power over the spawn ratio set in Ai files from other mods for example my Real Ai engine sounds, so no conflicts there neither!

        at spawn_ratio values think as a total of all Ai from the same type only and keep in mind that default value is 1 and any other packs I know are using the same default value. so the probability of a car with value 0.01 depends on how many car (from the same type) are loaded. I have such value for some very rare sport cars and from 300 sport cars, these rare ones I see once in 3 months of daily playing. with the same 0.01 value the rare cars will show up much more frequent if I had only 30 cars in total

        as for the classic cars (and sport cars) if you look into my Real traffic density, you will notice that these cars as well as motorcycles (from jazzycat pack) are separate types. this gives full control over them for example we can set higher density of sport cars on freeways and at night time and higher classic cars and motorcycles on local 1×1 roads and keep also the same ratio vs normal car type regardless how many motorcycles, sport or classic cars are used

        P.S. no need to add me at credits, my recommendation are just as from a traffic fan with experience on traffic modding

  2. Tranquilos, el mod no funciona bajo ningun concepto, bloquea totalmente el simulador

    1. Parece un problema con su orden de carga. Varias personas se acercan a mí para decirme que funciona bien. Disculpas por el pobre español, estoy usando Google Translate.

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