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Project Quebec V1.0

Date 2017-03-22 20:23

Visit http://atsquebec.esy.es/ for more information.

The process for making American Truck Simulator more like home started about 8 months ago. I was playing the game and the first modification I wanted in the game was having my own company truck skin. After a couple of Youtube “How to”, I made my first truck skin and modification for ATS. Then I fell in love with customisation! I started doing more and more modifications but mostly for my personal use. I realised that alot of people from Quebec are actually playing that game so I decided to upload an early stage of my Quebec Mod which at that time was at version 1.3.

Time has passed, version of ATS has too. I had to redo most of my work since Version 1.5 of the game changed alot of stuff for trailers, etc. But now, the is Mod finally released, and I’m about to share with you my Quebec Mod. There’s a lot of hours of work in this project and if you like what you’re saying any donations are appreciated and if you have any request it would be my pleasure to try to please you!



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  2. Bignorm

    Wow, quel beau travail, merci énormément.

  3. GOGA

    it is for-1.5x?

  4. Ronny V

    is this a standalone map?

  5. Steve


  6. Martin

    I have 2 request…if possible of course, Transport Gilmyr skins and some REAL dual trailer that actually work (road trains).

    I love you Fortin.

    PS si tu parles Francais, réponds moi!


    Ça serais beaucoup apprécié si tu aurais le temps et l’énergie de faire une map juste du Québec aussi. Merci pour ton beau travail.

  8. Ralloh

    I assume this will NOT work on 1.6?

  9. Bonjour cher ami

    Ce mod est il une map et si oui sera t elle compatible avec les autres maps telles que Viva Mexico, C2C, and so on ?

    Je t’invite à nous rejoindre sur notre groupe facebook :
    ETS2 / ATS Francophone


    Au plaisir de t’y lire


  10. Metal9

    Mod doesn’t work for me, there is no playing module file.

  11. Samuel Gauthier

    Wooow merci de ton travail !

  12. RTM93

    Please update to 1.6
    I`d love to play this map…

  13. Réjean pelletier

    Quelqu’un dans le groupe peut m’aider avec le logiciel américan truck simulator

  14. Robert fredette

    Est ce compatible avec la version 1.40…et si oui y a t il une marche a suivre pour l installation.

    Je n ai pas encore ajouter de mods a mon jeux !!

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