Project Better Arizona v0.2.5.2

Better Arizona is a map mod project for American Truck Simulator that aims to improve existing cities and add new towns and roads to the state of Arizona in the game.
Supported Game Versions: 1.47

– Fixes missing photo trophies along the Arizona/Utah state line



2 thoughts on “Project Better Arizona v0.2.5.2

  1. If you want to improve Arizona a bit more, check this out with Google Earth or Bing maps search.
    Golf Ball House: Area 66 – 12716 Alamo Rd, Yucca, Arizona
    It sits on the east side of Rt 40 south of Kingman. It would make a sweet addition to the Arizona improvements mod.
    I used to drive by it every time I went out to California and back east in the 80s. And ack then there was no info about. It sat abandoned for many years.

  2. Hello GT182. It’s a great idea. Now, it would be very interesting if this creator could add companies since there have never been any. I’d love to have this map, but I’m not upload it because there’s no work there.

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