Project 3XX Heavy Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod

This is an add-on to the HFG Project3XX, you must use Project3XX version 2.0 or later. Run this mod with a higher priority. Please to not bother Jeff at Half fast gaming with any problems with this mod, this is not his responsibility to support.

Please watch the Youtube Video if you have any questions on how to set anything up.

• 6×4 and 8×4 Flatbed chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Tanker chassis
• 6×4 and 8×4 Short Logger Chassis

• 2 and 4 axle flatbed pup trailers
• 2 and 4 axle tanker pup trailers
• 2 axle short log pup trailer
• Custom “Double pup” tanker trailer configuration for Nevada

• Various custom parts for the trucks and trailers
• Custom short log load

Please to do not upload anywhere else.

guidot (Half Fast Gaming)
Overfloater: Battery box
Wolfi: Log headache rack
Harven, Zetor: Logs, log bunks, reflective stripes

Deezle, guidot (Half Fast Gaming), Overfloater, Wolfi, Harven, Zetor


6 thoughts on “Project 3XX Heavy Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod

  1. AvM Transport

    Oh great. I will check it out now (:

  2. AMAZING, any chance to see this in ETS2 too?

  3. hmm. where can i find the trucks? i just find the flatbead trailer but not to the truck

    1. i removed all my mods and i don’t find this truks. so this mod do not work

  4. Not seeing these options when i have set up the mod?

  5. Adam Mead

    don’t work it causes other trailers to have only wheels showing

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