Piva Weather mod for ATS (v 3.2) compatible with 1.28

Removed old flare mod for compatible with 1.28 version
Fixed night skybox textures
Fixed colors and brightness (after SCS was changed own hidden hdr_setup settings)


DOWNLOAD 127 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 127 MB [Uploadfiles]

5 thoughts on “Piva Weather mod for ATS (v 3.2) compatible with 1.28

  1. SmellyCat

    Be careful not to get any “little storm” that spoils your mod.
    Thank you Piva.

  2. Very nice, thanks Piva!!

  3. if you have the white windows whis the mod go to you truck folder and delete in “material/environment/here supp (vehicle_reflection.bak and vehicle_reflection and vehicle_reflection.tobj ) white fog desapear on the windows ^^

  4. KennyRoute69

    Hi PIVA:

    I live in the United States and its mod is wrong because at 8 am the streetlights should not be on, the streetlights should be turned off because in the USA at 8 am it’s already daytime

    Also in its mod is always dawning no matter what time of day, I think it is not too real because the dawn process lasts 24 hours.

    I was a follower of their mods until I messed up with this mod. I´m sorry

  5. Пожалуйста верните стандартное небо от SCS это ужасное качества просто уберите небо и всё –
    Please return the standard sky from SCS is a terrible quality just clear the sky and everything

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