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Peterbilt Western Skin

Date 2016-02-15 15:22

Western-3 Western-1 Western-2

Western Skin for Peterbilt Truck

For custom mods, please contact me..
Have fun

Author: RobertDenirro


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2 Responses to Peterbilt Western Skin

  1. Nico

    “For custom mods, please contact me..”

    You made this skin upon Dollars skin mod made by Silencer.
    You make trailer skins that replace in-game skins.
    You are not capable to make standalone mods.
    You ####.

  2. i don’t wast time with simple mods,so yes this is replace,on this site is only replace mods. I wast time only with custom mode and that mods i make standlone.
    And dear,your friend Silencer raplace too that mods,so if you want to download this mod you can…if don’t it’s not my problem.

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