5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 8×4 Chassis

  1. RegularJohn53

    Is it available with the daycab?

  2. Is there a way to move 5th wheel back? As it glitches with some trailers.

  3. utterly retarded -.- why would you make the chassis longer but leave the 5th wheel in the same place. that’s pure stupidity, what kind of magical trailers do you pull with this thing?

  4. Experimental Trucker

    +Metehan Bilal
    Hello. Thanks for the effort with this chassis. As others are saying, 5th wheel needs to be adjusted. Looking for a 8×4 chassis for the Kenworth T680 maybe?

    Going all out, (if it’s possible) how about a 10×4 chassis?

  5. DieselHolic

    i will download this mod ASAP if you can operate the lift axle or if there even is one which there appears to be but i want to confirm, thanks.

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