8 thoughts on “Peterbilt 579 single axle

  1. It has too many red errors in console, needs updated shadow..

  2. TeddyBear

    single axle?
    I see 2 axles.
    and the defintion is simpler 4×2.

    1. Is this only a chassis addition to the normal truck? My 379 disappeared after installing this.

      1. Oops, sorry didn’t mean to reply to you :)

      2. Churro312

        I had the same problem then Vaari commented with an original. I downloaded the original and it doesnt have this problem.

  3. Person XXXXX has done this already 02.10.2016, that if this is yours, or are you copied the truck he do for.

    The original can be found here: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=201696

    and TruckPol website

  4. wow, nice job buddy, thanks :D

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