10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Green/White Skin

  1. Nice skin klunk

  2. Cheers Fidiuss

  3. RegularJohn53

    This skin was made by Pauly and not by klunk, this guy might have modified it but it belongs to Pauly.

    1. Just because we have painted the same thing it does not mean that the one i have painted is his, do you understand ?

  4. Mindset01

    Its a Pauly skin

  5. RegularJohn53, Mindset01, this was made be me 100%, i do not copy or modify anyones work. why would i copy anybody’s work when painting these skins is easy to do your both probably in his fan club, i suppose i copied all the other paints that i have done as well then? just because i have painted a skin that he has done does not mean i have copied or edited, silly children. if Pauly has a problem he can contact me and will show him the template that i painted. all i do is paint these for people to enjoy.

  6. Right guys ive already spoke to klunk and i can tell you he has NOT copied my skin,this is his own work,yes i did the same skin months ago,i also have another skinner friend who did the same skin aswell,please can we not give klunk anymore hassle about this or his other skins.

  7. Pauly and klunk are top notch skinners with there own styles etc and there will be times when each do a skin similar to each others im still learning the ropes and hope mine will get to the standard that these guys skin and share………

  8. Cheers Fidiuss,
    got some more to upload then i go on holiday for a month.

    1. im off but i am ill from work :( i have man flu :) …….have a great holiday mate

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