Peterbilt 379 EXHD Update



Peterbilt 379 EXHD
Prescribe separate slot
1 cabin, 1 chassis
His salon
its sounds


Test version 1.0.0s, log clean.

Update for ATS:

1. Residence in auto Peterbilt, separate slot.
2. Added engine brake.
3. Added engine brake noises.
4. Fixed-information display (video works).
5. Added a manifesto and other fixes.

Ivan, Tim, John, the Mars 812, Coalminer, Stas556, Mishanya, Fox071rus, Dmitry68, knox_xss, Chris, Classick, Kriechbaum, skiner Adaptation in ATS: Regwiem Update: Michael Shkut

DOWNLOAD 90 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 90 MB [Uploadfiles]

17 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 EXHD Update

  1. andre myrie

    there is no engine brake,why?

  2. Crashes game when you go to a dealership from the menu

  3. UselessBanana

    this is an awesome mod, the only i would like to be improved is that the chrome looks kinda dark, almost black

  4. truck looks great. but side view mirrors are to far from view and gps is a bit to small. but non the less the truck is cool and handles great

    1. Yep, same here. Can’t really use this until it’s fixed.

  5. good truck,ugly SOUND MACHINE

  6. kriechbaum oldest sound…

  7. Otterbear

    Why the dirt cheap prices on these great SHOWROOM pieces? Takes all the fun out of saving up for one. Can almost buy one after the third trip.

  8. It’s bugged. If you try to customize it the level of the truck increased to 24. Some times even the chrome changes color it gets black.

  9. Can we get this truck updated to 1.2?

  10. Nice truck and I like the physics but it really need a lot more custom options!!!

  11. JonTheVGNerd

    It is not found in ANY of Peterbilt dealerships.

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