Pack 15 repaints for Freightliner Cascadia v 1.1 edited by Solaris36

Pack-15-repaints-1 Pack-15-repaints-3 Pack-15-repaints-2

Pack 15 repaints for Freightliner Cascadia V1.1 edited by Solaris36
“John Christner Trucking”
“Covenant Transport”
“Secured Land Transport”
“Load One”
“National Carrier”
“SCHNEIDER national 75 YEARS”

Author: MuhaBZzz


6 thoughts on “Pack 15 repaints for Freightliner Cascadia v 1.1 edited by Solaris36

  1. Awesome+pack…..thanks+again+for+your+work.

  2. Deputydawg

    Any chance you can do this for the Peterbilt 579 as well?

  3. What happen to the Cascadia Truck mod? Did you take it off the site?

    1. solaris36

      Sorry, the author of the original model, Sergej Baltazar, has asked to remove the mod because it has been modified, fixed, updated, improved, and put back into operation without their express permission.

      1. Well then somebody needs to get permission. I wanna use this truck. I have the 1.2 version and use it quite a bit and would like to continue when I get time to dl the next update.

  4. WRONG Sergej is NOT the original author of this mod. Slamauser is from the 18 wos time era. This truck was released unlocked to the general public to do as anyone pleases. Just because this #### converted it to ets2 and ats does not make him in any way shape or form the original author of this truck. If he has any issues send hos ### to me and I will clear it up.

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