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Owned Trailer in black with light options 1.32

Date 2018-08-25 19:19

This mods for 1.32
it adds black versions of the owned box trailers plus some other stuff
and adds light slots to the side and rear

This is the first version ill update when ive more done

For modder you will need to add 2 hookups to your lights “markers” + “r_bumper” as there is no lights included

Happy Truckin



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9 Responses to Owned Trailer in black with light options 1.32

  1. shawn

    how to install?

  2. Deputydawg

    The color portion of the mod is not needed as black color can be achieved by using the custom color under the paint/skins option.

  3. Heino

    Please make so you can put Boreman LED on side.

  4. shawn

    how do u put into game

  5. Brandon

    How do you add lights?

  6. The Cat Trucker


  7. REVIEW:

  8. Maizon

    I liked your mod, but the blinkers are amber. Can you do a option with red blinkers?

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