Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker v 1.0

This mod makes the SCS Fuel Tanker trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.
-Changeable wheels
-Trailers have been re-UV mapped
-Features Regular single, Long single, Rocky Mountain double, and Turn Pike double configurations
-Pup in Rocky Mountain double made by me using the SCS regular fuel tanker as a base
-All skins made by me. Skins include both in game companies and real companies. The skins are: Chemso, Gallon Oil, Shell, Love’s, Chevron, Exxon, Jackson Energy, Mobil, and Texaco. They are not my best skinning work, but they’re good enough.
-More cargo pickup and dropoff locations than the freight market fuel tanker (some realistic, some a bit more unrealistic)
-New cargo – Used Oil

Version 1:
Initial release

Templates in .psd .png and .dds formats are included in the main directory of the mod files. The templates may be a little weird as I am still learning UV mapping and template making, but I did my best. If you have never created a skin outside of ets2studios or ats studios, I recommend watching tutorials on youtube, or having someone help you.
Template files (.sii, .tobj, .mat) have also been included to ease the file making process. Simply create a copy of all the template files and then change the name of them to whatever you like and change “template” inside the files to ma

This mod has been tested on a clean profile (no mods) and is error free. If you use this with other mods and encounter issues, try upping the priority in the mod manager. If you still encounter issues, try the mod on a fresh profile. If the problem continues, please contact me via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dnatransportats/

If you would like to donate, here is the link to my paypal: https://www.paypal.me/bestcarsonlyy
Any donations are greatly appreciated, even just a penny! :)

You will need to sell your current fuel tanker, deactivate the beta version of the mod, go back into your profile and save, and then go back to the mod manager and activate this version. If you do not, cargoes may not show up, be the wrong weight, not have a cargo image, and possibly other problems. If you need help, again, feel free to contact my Facebook page linked above. Thank You!

Mod by DNA Transport

DNA Transport


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