13 thoughts on “Oversize Owned Dolly Trailer (9 axles with steer axles)

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  2. Nice idea, but, it doesn’t work properly. Try driving it with a lot traffic in the game, especially, at traffic lights, you can’t turn without hitting something and of course other traffic moves when you don’t expect it to and crashes into your load, you know what the AI is like after all these years it’s typical SCS, and when you get to your destination you can’t get in to park up, or, you get stuck on the low ground if you have to go across the mud. The trailers need more axles and raising up off the ground more, then we might have a chance of moving it around everywhere, there are too many restrictions at the moment.

    1. Thats the challenging part and many people including me do enjoy this challenge

    2. No issues at all like that here. Just need to be careful where you take the loads and plan your route carefully … kind of like driver :)

  3. Excellent work! I would very much like these trailers to see them in traffic too.

  4. Alexandre-thomas Goulet


  5. Thanks for uploading this here. Nice to check out and enjoy.

  6. toto30022

    will there be more heavier loads for an exemple 31 to 60t

  7. toto30022

    if you want to send me the answer privatly here’s my gmail adress
    [email protected]

  8. Can it be folded while empty? like dollys stays on top off trailer and acts like simple trailer and unfold it when loaded?

  9. real shame ppl do this kind of thing. Leaking paid mods out. #### rotten comunity!

  10. Can+you+update+this+mod+to+the+latest+version+in+2019?+This+mod+looks+cool+i+have+not+tried+yet+this+mod+has+expired+in+2018+please+update+it+thanks+if+you+can+the+owner.

  11. I wish this was updated to 1.37

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