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No Police & No Damage by ElecTr0 Modding

Date 2016-03-14 15:17


Hello! It’s a way to not give you damage to the truck and one to not give you the fine

Author: ElecTr0 Modding


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4 Responses to No Police & No Damage by ElecTr0 Modding

  1. Mike Rules

    “No Police” ???

    Isnt that a feature already in the game !?

  2. Sid Snot

    Yeah, and so is no damage, we’ve had these types of mods for weeks, ever since the game was first released.

  3. :D

    They should play the game instead of making mods, which are included in the UI ;)

  4. DigitalX

    ###### hell you can just change TWO values in the config file, mod my ###### ####!


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