No Limits Mod v1.2 for Special Transport DLC (by Frkn64)

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With this mod, you can deliver oversized cargoes on Special Transport DLC’s own special routes without speed limits/escort vehicles!

– No escort/pilot vehicles.
– No 60 km/h speed limit.
– Steam Achievements support. You can still earn achievements about Special Transport DLC when using this mod.
* This mod doesn’t remove special routes of the DLC. Driving away from the route is not allowed, as in the DLC.
* This mod doesn’t work without Special Transport DLC. You must have installed and activated the DLC.
Update 1.2 released. Changelog:
– Added support for 1.39 update.

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– Do not copy any data from mods.
– Do not edit/change mod files unless necessary.
– If you edit/change mod files, do not share them with anyone.
– Do not upload mod files to websites.
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Frkn64 Modding, SCS Software

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3 thoughts on “No Limits Mod v1.2 for Special Transport DLC (by Frkn64)

  1. pa’ que putas le pones contraseñas a los archivos?. Es sumamente fácil desbloquearlo así que no le veo sentido a que pierdas tiempo bloqueándolo.

  2. Luciano translation
    What the hell do you put passwords to the files for? It is extremely easy to unlock it so I don’t see any point in you wasting time blocking it.

    1. Encrypting files doesn’t take even 5 seconds. Not everyone knows how to decrypt files, so I encrypt them. My goal is to prevent mod files from being stolen or copied, even if a little.

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