No Damage Mod v.Final


This Mod will prevents your truck & trailer taking any damage in ATS. Any crash will not take damage as the damage doesn’t build up. Do NOT upload on other website without permission!



4 thoughts on “No Damage Mod v.Final

  1. Helpful Hand

    “Do NOT upload on other website without permission!”

    Uh … I respect this for pretty much every other mod out there, but you literally took 5 seconds to do this edit. 3 of those seconds were scrolling down to the lines in the .sii file, 1 second to do the edit and 1 second to right click and ad it to an scs archive. And that file is uploaded in 50,000 different spots already by anyone who took the 5 seconds to make the edit.

    Seriously? I respect everyone who contributes to the community but on something this small don’t try to make it sound like it took some effort.

    For everyone else, if you want to do this quicker than the time it even takes to download this file, simply open your game_date.sii file and search keyword “damage”. There’s two lines next to each other. Change those to a “0” and you are set. That way you can edit the game-data.sii file for all of your custom maps, etc. without worrying about this mod crashing your game due to compatibility issues. If a major update happens to the game, simply rinse and repeat.

    1. epic comment ;-)

    2. where do you find game_date.sii file and is it encrypted

  2. what is the point…and wheres the fun no one is a perfect driver

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