New Mexico Expansion Pt.2 (4 yards) (New Mexico) v5.1

Alright so Part 2 includes everything that Pt.1 did but with a lot more to offer!

Here’s whats new:
– New yard in Cattle Creek
– New yard on El Lobo ranch
– New location, El Lobo ranch
– New roads
– New job sites in Cattle creek, Namiq/Coastline construction
– El Lobo ranch features two new job sites, a cattle auction and Bushnell farm
– New job sites Hammon, a Sunshine Crops and a Gallon Oil (only for delivery)
– New job site in Pine Hill, on the Cattle creek side. A Farmers Barn plant
– Changed some of the vegatation
– Fixed bugs including the trailer spawning under the ground in Pine Hill

Mod Info:
This expansion features miles of new roads in New Mexico, plenty of new job locations.
It comes with 4 yards. The purschaseable yards in Hammon, Pine Hill, El Lobo Ranch and Cattle Creek.
There’s also over 6 new job locations as well!
Place at the bottom of mod order.
Compatible with 1.49



One thought on “New Mexico Expansion Pt.2 (4 yards) (New Mexico) v5.1

  1. Mat, they won’t show up in the mod list as even Installed, let alone Activated.

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