New Mack Anthem from SCS Software ETS2 1.37.x

Adapted the new Mack Anthem SCS for ETS2 1.37.x
All missing files are added and created.
There are cables and left hood mirrors.
The model is still raw and will be updated along with SCS Software.
There is all the tuning and accessories from America + added: Pipes and Lamps on the roof.

Added to archive:
1. Mack Anthem SCS New Interior 1.37.x
2. Changing the position of the main mirrors Mack Anthem SCS 1.37.x

SCS Software, losevo58, Serega22ru.


One thought on “New Mack Anthem from SCS Software ETS2 1.37.x

  1. TheJustice

    1st: This page for ATS.
    2nd: This is illegal.
    3rd: Game console warnings on screenshots HOHOHO
    4rd: stup1ds and brainless Russian thieves

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