More and better Events Mod by_Muszek_ v 1.0


is cooming :P

Gratitude –
SlavikSD – for sharing a file that I did not need after a while: P but thanks.

– More events
– Much longer road works, up to 2km
– Police Chase, from now on Police can keep 1 to 2 vehicles, you have to remember that this is random.
– More and longer events in city
– Broken Tire now spawn on the road (note it has collisions, better slow down)
– more events on the roads 1-1 (in the future I intend to do large road works on these roads)
– From now on when the car is burning on the highway and goes to the left lane.

!Works with any other modification, it’s best to give high priority!
!In the game settings, set a big chance for a random event for a better effect!

This is my first mod, so mistakes are possible, please report errors in the comments, preferably with screenshots, and a description of what is wrong.

Have a nice game !

– Muszek



46 thoughts on “More and better Events Mod by_Muszek_ v 1.0

  1. I can not find it in mod manager…

  2. Nice+idea+but+there+is+a+huge+problem:+Much+files+in+the+zip+file+are+locked+and+there+is+no+SCS+file,+so+we+do+not+can+un+pack+and+export+it+to+the+mods+folder,+please+reupload+the+mod+with+the+fixed+problem+:)+But+nice+Idea!+PLS+reupload+:D

  3. .rar files must be unzipped with 7zip before useable.

  4. I can’t see it either in the mod manager even if I rename it ZIP

  5. This mod asks for a password when you go to download it

    1. try to re-download it, I did not ask for any password.

      1. still is asking me for a password when i go to Extract the files??

        1. More_Events_Mod_by_Muszek_v1.0.rar Put the file in the mods folder

        2. you do not have to extract the file, put it in the mod folder. it does not matter if it’s a zip format, it works the same.

    2. Nathan Hartwig

      yup Mike it ask me for the password also some people don’t know what they are doing

  6. fabulous and works perfectly.
    thanks for your mod !!!

    1. Bull ####. Why are you lying about this?

      1. Nathan Hartwig

        yup people likes to lie a lot also

  7. mindset01

    u need to make it an scs file then save the scs into an rar

    1. here is a fixed version :

      More_Events_Mod_by_Muszek_v1.0_-_Fixed.scs put in the mods folder

    2. how do you do that? usually i don’t have this much problem putting mods in ATS but this one has me stumped!

  8. Here+u+have+fixed+version+:+


  9. Gerald Patzer

    file does not work without password, what’s the password? have downloaded it twice with the same result

  10. this is a new file with extension .scs … s.html


    Does this work with traffic mods? Thanks,

    1. i use jazzicat pack for trailers and ai and i no have problem.

    2. It works with any modem without any problem. – high priority

  12. @+Mike, I have the same issue with this mod! I don’t see it when I open the
    sim, don’t show as a new mod found in my manager as well. It is not a .zip
    file or a .scs. This file downloaded as a WinRAR archive and it’s a encrypted archive. No idea how ZiaAzemira has it working.

    1. Find the mod on the forum scs, there is a fixed version.

    2. Amasron go to forum scs, here is a fixed version this mod.

    3. The Demon

      Me neither. I just ran a few jobs and didn’t see anything. Also the file won’t pickup in the mod manager since its not a proper .scs or .zip file like Amastron mentioned. please either provide us with the password, or fix the file please.

    4. Deputydawg

      That’s because the person most likely doesn’t have it working and is just spouting BS to make it sound like it works OR it could be Muszek pretending to be someone else so he could make it sound like it works when it doesn’t. I tested it myself and it doesn’t show up in my game.

  13. It’s+an+encrypted+archive+and+because+of+that+it+is+not+working+as+a+mod



  14. wtfareyoudoing

    The game can’t read a .RAR. You have to reupload as a .zip or .scs.

  15. Glad+i’m+not+the+only+one!

  16. Me either i thought i was doing it wrong

  17. Rename rar to zip :)

    1. Nonsense.

  18. This thing is totally screwed up. The couple of people who say it works great are not telling the truth. I tried extracting and just ignored the request for a password. It seemed to unpack so I put the resulting folder in my mods. It showed up so I activated it. It then immediately locked my computer up.

    I have tried putting it in the mod list as an .rar and .zip. Neither one works or even shows up.

    The concept is great, but, it simply does not work. The author needs to explain himself.

    1. Nathan Hartwig

      it asking for a password still

  19. don’t be silly, this mod will never do all what is mentioned in the description! first of all is password protected at rar level (D.A.R.T. can’t unlock- it), but still we can navigate in its files and it contains some files of the police cars and the two journey_road_event def files that might or not even be modified :))
    the maximum thing that can do is to increase frequency of the road events, modifying a single number, and maybe as a very low probability increasing the lenght of the road works, but nothing more, period!

  20. You can find a working version of this mod on the official forum.

  21. A PARANOID CREATOR to lock your mods so that nobody can use it, he must be scared. USELESS MOD DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME TO DOWNLOAD THIS MOD AS IT IS LOCKED AND REQUIRES A PASSWORDS TO USE. WITHOUT THIS PASSWORD THE MOD WILL NOT WORK. This mod creator needs to unlock this mod or it needs to be DELETED from Mod Download Pages.

  22. ats_customs

    Clearly you don’t know what you are doing! If you had any clue you’d know that the mod has to be a .scs or atleast a .zip and this mod is neither!

  23. Gabriel0424

    Fake, doesnt appear in mod manager, password request and uploader never report hem to her post, next!

  24. Download version 1.1. It works just fine.

  25. la clave?

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