Mitsubishi Ragasa & Umplung ELF V2 For ATS

Mod Mitsubishi Ragasa & Umplung ELF V2 for ATS version 1.49 and above. This mod supports multi-player convoys and single players. Contains many accessories that can be modified.

1. Include the sound of the abrag, select in the grill slot or in the rack
2. Special livery prenetic pride
3. Inclusive 2 sound engine
4. Full anim interior and exterior glass
5. Colt Diesel Ragasa & Umplung
6. FIX tire texture

Mod order:
Def Ragasa Umplung ELF LOCKED ATS
Ragasa Umplung ELF Livery
Ragasa Umplung ELF LOCKED

Thanks to:
1. Mang Aprilyani Sanjaya (skin/livery)
2. Mang Agustian New Shu (skin/livery)
3. Mang Kang Abrag (tough voice)
4. Mang Andira Ghifari Fishabillah (tester)
I hope it was a hit, I hope you are happy, fresh and satisfied forever…

Additional def for ATS games that are updated by fatkhul anam, activate above the Ragasa mod.

Ananda Andika, Fatkhul Anam

DOWNLOAD 855 KB [mirror]

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  1. traffic pease 1.49

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