Midwest Expansion Repair

Fixed issues that were reported by community please replace this on the mod manager

Hundreds of miles of new roads in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma
More than 20 scenery or gas station towns
Multiple fully complete cities, including Bowling Green and Owensboro in Kentucky
Many partially completed cities, such as: Hopkinsville, Paducah, Louisville, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago
And more!

Supported Game Versions: 1.47

Jacemeister, geno1964


8 thoughts on “Midwest Expansion Repair

  1. Thank you for taking over the mod repair because Jacemeister has abandoned this mod. I appreciate it very much. Thank you!

  2. Use only this mod, or above the original to repair it?

  3. Hi again! I saw a few anomalies with CanaMania (canadream) on this map. 1- Sault-Ste-Marie : there is no road ;
    2- Winnipeg to Grand Fork : no road to reach them ;
    3- Duluth to Thunder Bay : no road ;
    4- The road 401 and the road 3 from Toronto are non-existent, they lead nowhere. Thank you!

  4. That’s right— Leave out Arkansas. The whole world does anyhow.

  5. Gene A Collins

    stolen i gave no permission to post here

  6. Hello! Jacemeister has abandoned this mod so, whoever wants to take it back has the right to do.

  7. game just crashes when I try to load..

  8. Hopefully the south is next

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