Midland TW3500-SL2000_B-Train_V1.0

Midland Trailers

This Mod adds the Midland Trailers TW3500 Side Dump and SL2000 End Dump in a separate version also a B-Train version of these 2 trailers.


– Standalone: Yes
– Multilanguage: Yes
– Axles: 5 Axles
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Landing Gear Animation: Yes
– Collisions: Yes
– Color Selection : Yes
– Colors: Red – Blue
– Loads: 4
– Errors: None fully tested and functional

Optimized and converted for ATS and ETS2 by HABDORN

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Modified converted and distributed for ETS2 and ATS by Habdorn.
It is strictly forbidden to modify or extract parts of the 3d model, it is also prohibited to upload this mod to other servers
or provide links that are not original of the author of this modification (HABDORN)

Following the above recommendations will help me continue to bring more and better content. Thank you…….

Enjoy it

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One thought on “Midland TW3500-SL2000_B-Train_V1.0

  1. Guillaume

    For ATS 1.28

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