Mexssimap SLP v 1.0 1.32.x Fixed

Fixed crash barrier on road
Fixed bugs

Mod adds state: San Luis Potosi
Map extension for Viva Mexico 2.4.8 and Mexico Extremo 2.0.5

You will have to carry cargo through scenic spots, rivers and waterfalls.

Cities on the map:
• San Luis Potosi
• Ahualulco
• Moctezuma
• Charcas
• Illescas
• Salinas de Hidalgo
• Villa de Reyes
• Vila de Zaragoza
• Rio Verde
• Matehuala
• Real de Catorce
• Vanegas
• Cedral
• Villa de Guadalupe
• Tamasopo
• Ciudad Del Maiz



14 thoughts on “Mexssimap SLP v 1.0 1.32.x Fixed

  1. Use+a+decent+site+FFS+this+one+gives+Trojans.

  2. Stolen mod!

    1. Not fake! Just stolen and reupload!

  3. No it is not stolen or fake.

    1. scania_dragon

      I don’t visit this site! This site has a adblocker-script. And I don’t want to deactivate my adblocker! Mexicomap ? No thank you, not from this site!

      1. LoL Kid say! :-P

      2. Use his link:, no ad-blocker scripts and is the official page for download the map, enjoy!

  4. i hope the map zoom out works


  6. Luke Evans

    Still not working with Coast to Coast V2.6 roads are not connected at the border.

  7. Stephen Butler

    This file gave my computer a ###### virus, thank you very much. Get off of Modsfile and try using a non-adware site like Google Drive, or One Drive…but there’s no money in that for you, is there? Watching people’s self-centred and frankly pathetic attempts to make a bit of pocket money so their mums don’t have to pay for their school bag would be funny if it didn’t give computers like mine a ###### virus. Did I mention that? If you want to make money, go out and get a paper round, instead of letting some vacuous bunch of Russian hacks invade our computers.


  8. Juan Cinta

    Funciona para MAC?

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