Megapack 3.7 with Cat C15

Updated my Megapack, and included a new engine the Cat C15, recorded with a friend ;)
Also added support for the new International LT.

Kriechbaum, Semi Truck Doctor, SCS, Sebastien, Scott Tate,


3 thoughts on “Megapack 3.7 with Cat C15

  1. Tank you i love your work. keep going. :)

  2. thank you Kaptain!

  3. Thank you very much!

    Just a small tiny thing to say and please excuse me if I’m being lazy on this.

    I assume you may be very well known here in this community so most the regulars would be very aware of your reputation and content.
    For the rest of us newcomers starting to mod now, a quick link in description to your previous post or whatever the source we could check what’s included in the pack, would be really appreciated.

    Once again, it’s not an issue, as simple as going in the search bar or continue scrolling / navigating the web since your content is practically everywhere xD, but wanted to provide the feedback.

    Thank you very much for all of the work.

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