Mats for Trailers v 1.30 (fix)

Fix with mats for trailers: Box, Reefer, Gas and Acid, made with the help of “ATS Mods Studio”:

Reefer – ‘/automat/bc/d9086d813c00a2619398d89f7eaa446ebe1b5b.mat’
Box – ‘/automat/b0/e4c167a0c25a6fb94520072e709b0973281e87.mat’
Acid – ‘/automat/93/422af811318aaf31e6a7b278b7926f7e717590.mat’
Gas – ‘/automat/f4/e00a73217bea3373593c533d6f750fea629a55.mat’

For version 1.30

SCS, Omenman


3 thoughts on “Mats for Trailers v 1.30 (fix)

  1. what does it do ?

  2. and on 3000r there is?

    1. Only those that are in the picture

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