Mascarello Roma 370 6×2


This bus is a little different from ETS2 version, now

– Added some more ETS2 accessories,
– Reflection reduced compared to ETS 2 version,
– It has a bus template for skinning,
– Added some new sound the bus,
– Shadow corrections have been made.

Julio Vega, Fabian Espinoza, TS3DPI


6 thoughts on “Mascarello Roma 370 6×2

  1. Bl@ckWolf

    Video ATS MODS: Mascarello Roma 370 6×2 (American Truck Simulator)

  2. kirilloid22

    What about passengers? )

  3. RainbowsProgidy

    can u do a trailer mod that put no trailer so we can do missions with it

  4. could you make a more “american horn” this horn doesn’t work well in North America

  5. ok good,but need the real passenger mod for this bus!…..:) ;)

  6. Can you send me the rar achive unlocked. I need modified sound and suspension please. Thanmy e-mail is “[email protected]

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