Map “Mexicali” V1.0


Map “Mexicali” V1.0

This mode shows a map of Mexico defaulted + rather Southern California which includes 15 cities and towns. Mapper engaged in the first and experience comes as construction.
Operability with other modes has not been tested.

Test version 1.3.x



37 thoughts on “Map “Mexicali” V1.0

  1. does not work with other maps.
    don`t test it alone, no use for me.

    1. but other than that the map is just WOW. like it was made by TSM or ProMods thamselfs :D

  2. Mod Testing Results:

    working with:
    -Game version 1.3
    -Cargo mods (tested with jazzycat’s cargo packs)
    -economy mods (tested with “realistic economy mod” by Klaas)
    -enviormental mods (tested with piva’s wheather mod)

    Not Working/Crashing with:
    -MHA-Pro Map 1.3.2
    -Coast to Coast 1.8
    -MexUsCan 1.10.1

    -Loads good with MHA but maps dont connect.
    -Doesnt load at all with C2C / MexUsCan.

    Mods used for testing:
    -cargo -> jazzycat’s cargo packs
    -economy -> “realistic economy mod” by Klaas
    -enviormental -> piva’s wheather mod


      It does work with MHA map just put it on top of MHA map, works for me I went from Yuma to Mexico crossed the border no problem.


        Mistake, it does connect but overwrites most of MHA map, sorry for the wrong info. Pretty much useless to do it.

    2. Charles Ball

      What are you doing using such ancient map mods? And why are you still on ATS v1.3?

  3. new profile only this activated, it causes some maperrors on the 101 to Eureka, roads not connected

    1. could check which sectors, it worked with several I-Fix packs, map looked Ok at those points

      1. removed several sectors, would be nice if U only added those U edit in the mapmod, that way it would be easier to find the troublespots in compatibilitycheck….however got this working with some other mapmods, time 4 some testing..

  4. how do i make it work? just copie all the files into my mod folder? because they are scs files

    1. yes, put this in the modfolder and then activate it in modmanager

      simple as that

      1. you don’t need to extract this. zip = scs

  5. Awesome map, thank you very much guys …
    Map works fine on old profile and all others my mods.

    eric, (.zip = .scs) put in mod folder and activate in Mod Manager …

  6. BEARlyThereCDN

    Broken Hwy 101 confirmed. New profile, this mod only enabled. I haven’t driven it yet, I just took a look at the world map and saw that right away.

  7. dang i wish it was compatible with c2c mexuscan and Louisiana remix. I would deff get it. It looks awesome from the vid. I hope it become compatible in the future.

  8. BEARlyThereCDN

    Okay, Hwy 101 = broken. Took my first load from Voltison to HMS in San Diego. When I got to the destination the unload spot had a trailer in it. Guess I’ll wait for the next version.

  9. Try this again. Not sure why my comments aren’t showing up. I’m registered here. :-|

    Okay, Hwy 101 = broken. Took my first load from Voltison to HMS in San Diego. When I got to the destination the unload spot had a trailer in it. Guess I’ll wait for the next version.

  10. tnx for the help
    It works now, and i really like the map:)

  11. Not Working/Crashing with: <—– Not Download
    -MHA-Pro Map 1.3.2
    -Coast to Coast 1.8
    -MexUsCan 1.10.1

  12. what a great job, wonderful map! Hope you continue your work and give us whole mexico! And pls try to make the map compatible to C2C and Mexuscan!

  13. hey Eric how did you get yours to work when most of us are having problems,maby you can help us solve our issues.


    This map is the best one, very well made and works with all my mods, can’t list all of them cause I use a lot of them, this is not a map of just reuploaded already existing city’s but something truly original. C2C and mexcan are nice but not all states are filled with casinos which to me makes them not realistic. That’s why I stopped using them. Keep working on this denzik cause this is professional work you’ve done for us. Only problem I see is that you can’t see the hole map, need to create a zoom fix, for us to see all the city’s. Keep going all the way to Panama LOL. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. yes I must agree with this – it’s very good (better than good), took a run San Felipe to San Lucas – amazing scenary, variation in landscapes, coastline, roads, noticed one thing among many – a really artistical roundabout – beautiful made. I’m hoping this isn’t the last upload of this kind – Your work is highly appreciated. 9.9/10 (some missing names on signs) :)

  15. Bonsoir,

    Cette carte est digne du jeu original, détaillée avec beaux paysages.C’est pour moi un quatrième Etat , un beau complément des trois autres.Un peu plus d’animations seraient bien (petits accidents , feux , contrôles policiers…).
    C’est vraiment du beau travail.Bravo.

    Patrick (France)

  16. Ok…i downloaded the file linked above…then i just copy this compete zip file into my mod folder..( so without opening it first) so…just put into your mod folder…then make sure this mod is enabled and has the first priority above any other mods…. it should work then..if you still have problems, write them down here,and i will try to help you… IT is really a very very nice map! so it is worth making it work….

    1. Hi Eric,
      installation is not the problem, it is rather that hwy 101 is broken (in the North, Ukiah). Do you not have this issue?

  17. Osanrova96

    do not know how someone can tell me, please is installed.

  18. cristiannarcis79

    Map is very beautiful , but cities : Los santites , Tortugas and Guerrero are located in the water , I wonder how is this possible ?! scs are minor mistakes in the map in the world map, my opinion is that roads must be located in the territory but not by sea or ocean.
    I will beg , modify those routes that cross by water :(

  19. Can someone help I have the mod enabled but traffic doesnt show up on the modded areas of the map example after I leave scs software’s areas california, nevada, arizona the traffic dissapears on the modded areas do i need a special traffic mod or something? Any help is appreciated!

  20. Hello
    how do you put in for ats file? you must copy it and paste all files in the folder ats ?
    thanks to you

  21. Great mod , also i’m already making my own modification from city Ensenada ( i live here ) and planning Tijuana based on this mod , hope Denzik want’s to receive my files and repack them on future update

  22. Steve Hollar

    Great job! The detailing is really amazing. It would be nice if it could be used with Coast 2 Coast, but, it can’t. So what. Activating and deactivating mods is so easy in ATS, it’s really not a problem. I just decide if I want to concentrate on the three included States plus Mexico and just activate Mexicali by itself. If later I want to drive cross country I will deactivate Mexicali and re-activate Coast 2 Coast. No big deal. It is well worth it to see the great scenery and drive the challenging roads in Mexicali. Would like to see more map mods like this.

  23. Wim Frencken

    just like Trump, he is a faker

  24. The map works, but doesn’t appear any quick job to the Mexico cities….

  25. Anyone+having+trouble+with+the+map+zoom?+Unable+to+zoom+out+enough+to+see+all+of+the+map.+Had+a+play+around+with+the+camera+map+limits+in+the+gamedata.sii+but+it+doesnt+seem+to+do+anything!+


  26. esta bien

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