Map Honduras v6.6 by Rigo FP – ATS 1.49

* Added new textures, more realistic on most roads.
* Visual corrections in the El Portillo area
* Corrections in the Entrance
* Optimization of Honduran Trailer Traffic
* Small corrections to the Highway from Santa Rosa to Cucuyagua.
* Fixed the issue where some textures would look blurry.
* New skins for 53 foot dry box trailers
* New gasoline trailer skins
* New trailer added to traffic (Cortina Trailer) with skins for soft drinks and Honduran beers.
* Added 2 new companies in El Portillo and 1 workshop.
* Added 3 sugarcane companies to the map (It will take a sugarcane trailer to carry loads).
Located in: El Paraíso, Copán | Florida | Chalmeca
* Increased the probability of traffic, use command: g_traffic 3 for a high probability but not too much.
* New trailers and buses are now likely to appear parked in various areas of the map.
* Minor tweaks to other parts of the map.

Rigo FP


3 thoughts on “Map Honduras v6.6 by Rigo FP – ATS 1.49

  1. no funciona, hay que cargar algun mod adicional?

  2. Susana Loureiro

    Boa tarde
    Não funciona

  3. trash

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