Manual Gearshift Names v1.0

Manual Gearshift Names v1.0 for ETS2/ATS 1.49.xx by krmxszn

Tested and adapted for the game version: 1.49.xx
This mod is compatible for ETS2 and ATS original trucks both.

This mod includes a total of 14 different gearboxes per truck.
The gearboxes incorporate models of 6, 12, 15, 16 and 18 gears.
Some models include several reverse positions and also several retarder positions.
I tried to name the gears as on the manual gearshift. They are not entirely accurate.

C stands for crawling, C gears are the lowest gears for heavy loads.
L or LO stands for low, H or HI stands for high.
The 6 speed gearboxes doesn’t include any special name for gears.

Author: krmxszn


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