Mack RS700L & Fruehauf Tanker v1.5 [Schumi] [1.48 & 1.49]

- one cabin
- one chassis
- one engine
- one gearbox
- your interior
- your sound
- added window animation
- fixed animation of wipers

Version 1.5:
- The mod is adapted for patch 1.48 and 1.49
- New textures for the trailer
- In version 1.48 the truck can be bought in the Mack car dealership
- In version 1.49 the truck can be bought only in a maintained condition
- Fixed found bugs

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you:

SCS, v.krankel-varter, RTA, kriechbaum, Schumi


5 thoughts on “Mack RS700L & Fruehauf Tanker v1.5 [Schumi] [1.48 & 1.49]

  1. Iacoskyline98

    I only see the trailer, the truck is not showed in the mod dealer.

  2. there is no truck at the Mack dealer

  3. lubbertran fix

    engine mod available??????

    1. hehe… Found one right now =)
      Updated as “v1.5.1” By TMH, actually easy to find :)
      Officially 1.48 but works fine with 1.49 and brings a bunch of Mack and Detroit Diesel Engines reaching from 225-625PS and some more quite good Transmissions between 13 and 20 gears.

  4. @Kta & lacoskyline98
    “-In version 1.49 the truck can be bought only in a maintained condition”
    Used Truck Dealer only ;)

    @lubbertran fix
    Never senn one =(

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