Converted trailler was made by corby and released on tms fourms ive got permission to release it after i had converted to to ATS , trailer come with 5 cargos. advanced coupling is supported

Corby, Ivan, JF154, Superman, SCS, MadoYaghi, andrewmo


5 thoughts on “LX SPECIALIZED Lowboy

  1. under any circumstances i can find this trailer,forwarded days or weeks,is top priority in mod manager,nothing works!

  2. Dont+talk+bullshit…+trailer+works+normal,+######+boy!!

  3. Trailer is very low down it gets stuck.

  4. Video with this amazing traier:


  5. I can only get advanced coupling to work for some of my trucks. Is there a variable some place that can be changed (either on the truck or trailer) that will allow my trucks to work?

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