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9 thoughts on “Leslie Speakers Trailer

  1. Great job I was wondering if you can help me create a standalone for jazzy trailers.

    1. Glad you like it.
      About the help on one “jazzy trailer”… sorry but no … is beyond my ABILITIES and WILL edit or manipulate the work of others. Me too I’m using the Jazzy Trailer Pack (to whom goes all my respect and gratitude) and without which the game would be much less interesting. Greetings mate. :)

  2. Fatlizard THANK YOU SO MUCH Broooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! I was out of town without internet a couple of days. Great, exelent and awsome job! Leslie Speakers man! You are the man! Thank you again and regards!

  3. LESLIE Sound ! Thank you again and again and again! :)

  4. Yes i’m crazy, but ……… THANK YOU! Amazing – i can’t stop to watch that trailer! :)

    1. :) … for such a little thing … it doesn’t worth an heart attack … :D
      However, it is a satisfaction when someone thanks you in such a way… so … stay crazy and enjoy the trailer mate !!!

      Greetings and welcome back mate !

      PS: Hmmm … I was thinking about Hammond or Korg companies … they both have a nice logos … :)

  5. Wow wow wow.i like your idea about Hammond and Korg ;) but i’ll have good net after 17th of july. I am in the airport now- fly to japan. Well thank you again and after 17th of july i’ Ll looking for something here ;) cheers and all best mate! :)

    1. “Hammond USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan.”
      It’s just only a coincidence or your flying in Japan is related to this ? :D
      You’ll find trailers to carry around when you return.
      Take care and enjoy your stay in that incredible country.
      Cheers and all the best to you … :)

      1. Hi bro! I’m back in the cab and ready to enjoy your skin works :) Are you still ready for Hammond “waves” ?

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