Largecar cartage hole in wallet skin

Hey guys, these is my first skin. my good buddy Miles preston and i have spent many days working on these skin.
check me out on youtube @
or instagram @kenworths_and_peterbilts
let me know if you want your own skin.

changeable colour schemes
peterbilt logo on rear fenders
ifta sticker with changing colours
gvw 80k pounds on door panel
company name
dot and vin number
truck name on back
custom fenders.

Any problems please let us know feedback wanted

kent duglas, Damien Sproule, Miles Preston


5 thoughts on “Largecar cartage hole in wallet skin

  1. I+have+been+asking+but+can+you+answer+my+question,+what+do+you+name+the+truck+file+when+you+skin?

    1. Damien Sproule

      if youre making your own skin you name the vipers 389 peterbilt.389v2

  2. ray malatt


    1. Damien Sproule

      im still doing them if interested email me

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