Kraz 260 v 2.0

KrAZ 260 for ETS2 version 1.32 – 1.33
KrAZ is autonomous, doesn’t replace anything, is bought at Volvo
2 chassis: 6×6 and 6×6 tandem
Cab accessories available
Its wheels
Its sounds
Your salon
Its engines with customized torque curves
Standard and speed gearboxes
Bo Ezduk cockpit lighting fixes
Added spiral cables with physics
Adapted to ETS2 version: 1.32 – 1.33.x
No support for advanced hitch

List of changes in the update 22.12.18:

Correction of errors found
Registered in new companies from the new DLC “Beyond the Baltic Sea”

Author: Koral
Adaptation and refinement: _69_mf_, kv0, Bo Ezduk

P.S .: Do not change the link, do not restart to other Internet resources!

Koral, _69_mf_ , kv0, Bo Ezduk


4 thoughts on “Kraz 260 v 2.0

  1. The Demon

    Can you not read, this site is for American Truck Simulator, Not ETS.

  2. Michel Tremblay
    Il y a un problème autour du camion et cela n’est pas normal. J’aimerais avoir le mod mais sans avoir ce problème.

  3. pavel Švepeš

    dorbej mod

  4. pavel Švepeš


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